Very few pictures leave Words&Pictures without at least a tweak in Photoshop. Image manipulation is the new 'darkroom skill' that all photographers must have. It is also great fun and allows us to finish the job we started.

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Testing anti-vibration mounts.
Use mouseover to see before and after.
The two elements of this process were on opposite sides of a large room. The client expected to use two separate shots to show it all but this solution told the whole story in one picture.
These are the three elements as shot before being combined into one image. Note the other bits of retouching aimed at tidying up the picture.

This furniture picture for GMT Designs was shot in the client's showroom. The final picture is on the left. Use MOUSEOVER on the right hand picture to see the differences.
Note the work that has been done on the floor, the window and the mirror. The shot was done at night to allow for control of the lighting effect at the window.

To help make this range of childrens' rainwear more appealing the items were put into eye-catching settings. Flowers, castles, bamboo and In this case mushrooms were used.
Below are the elements which were shot to make the final picture.

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West London Audi Showroom
Use mouseover to see before and after.
Space was limited on this site by a ten foot hedge directly behind the camera.An ultra-wide lens was a possibility but not one I like due to the inevitable distortion.
These are the elements as shot before being combined into one image. Note the parked car in the foreground, the posts and the yellow lines have all been removed.